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Space Be Fillin' Up

August 17th, 2005
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Admin August 17th, 2005
It Be True Yarr.

It's been about 3 months now since Smack Jeeves opened its doors, and we're doing smacktastically well, nearing 1,500 comics. Of course with that comes the nearing reality that I will have to upgrade my hosting soon.

What does that mean to you guys? Well, there are quite a few possibilities. The bottom line is that the site needs to start bringing in some money to support itself. So here are some of the options:

1. Google Ads
2. Paid Advertising
3. Premium Services (i.e. your own forums, update calendar, "tagging", etc.
4. Smack Jeeves merchandise
5. Possible affiliation with a merchandise distribution website (like, but they don't have any affiliate services running yet)

There are more possibilities, but those are just a few that I had on the tip of my... fingers. My goal here is to be as inobtrusive as possible - so the advertising options will be a last resort if the other options fail. Just a little bit of a heads up.

In other news, I fixed the time zone settings. XD
Admin October 2nd, 2005
Just a note to anyone reading this now:

Smack Jeeves is no longer hosted on, we've upgraded servers, and everything is honky dory (although server expenses are higher so feel free to donate to help us out :))
Admin July 10th, 2007
Fun fact:

Since my last post, we were hosted on DreamHost for a while... I forget exactly when we started, but it lasted until April 9th, 2007, when we got our dedicated server at Host Gator!
Admin September 20th, 2016
Here's a little tidbit for y'all if anyone is still checking back here:

Since 2009 we've been with WiredTree. We've upgraded servers once (in late 2014) since we've been with them.
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adamacus August 17th, 2005
I rated this a five so everyone can see it, please keep it a five. -Well i hate google ads, so many sites that i have gone to in the past have been ruined by google ads.
-Same applies for paid advertising.
-Premium services are a good idea although id say most of us dont want to use a credit card to pay for the services, i know i dont.
-Merchandise would be a good idea too. you could ask the comic authors to give you their drawings to put on merchandise and then put somewhere on the same piece.then split the money or something. But the same from above applies to do with credit cards.
-Affialiation wouldnt be so bad if it was just a small button like the firefox one. In fact paid advertising wouldnt be so bad if it was also a small button under the firefox one.

Please could you say any other ideas you have as i would like to hear them so that i will know about them before they just pop up on smack jeeves.

Also could you tell me your web host at as im looking for a good host at the moment.
EDIT: thanks admin! Ok what smart arse rated this under 5??

DOUBLE EDIT:Actaully yeah if you had those ad buttons where smackjeeves would get money everytime someone clicked it, i would spend an hour clicking it every day just so you could keep the site sad...
xman August 17th, 2005
I agree with Adamacus, I hate google adds, and other adds arn't too bad as long as they are not pop ups, like a banner on the bottom of the screen or something. Premium services would be a good idea as well,and affiliations is also a good idea.
The Rock and The Losers August 17th, 2005
I think premium services is a good way to go,
PLEASE no google ads...
and the merchandise is a good idea if you take debit card. I mean Id buy it
Admin August 17th, 2005
to adamacus I use godaddy.

Pretty good hosting for the buck.
Lost August 17th, 2005
Why does this have such a high rating? well, id go with ALMOST ANYTHING, other than pop-ups, i hate pop-ups...
The premium service thing would work(except i already have a forum...-_-).
Ahaha, theres also the possible chance of donating...nah...probably not ^^
Lost August 17th, 2005
William- ussually the essence of webcomics is that they are free, you wont find any that charge money for people to view it, therefore that idea would probably backfire. I think that the merchandise idea would be good as well...
im not too keen about the paying to host webcomics part (found this host by searching for "Free webcomic hosting"). But yeah, perhaps warning the authors to update first
rhino August 17th, 2005
Yo man! I'm down with some ad space. And hell, I'll even click on one every once in a while to give you some "cha-ching!" Ya dig? I'm hearing it. The premium thing I would hope may be belated, but if it's something like 5 bucks over the course of a year, YAR! I could do that. Beleive you me. What kind of traffic will be happening on the other end may I ask? To get traffic to come more splendidly our way? HMMMM??? Anyways, you are doing a great job so far. You may want to check out They have 2 gigs of space which is expandable and unlimited bandwidth. Good times.
Pluto August 17th, 2005
Movin on up! To the EAST SIDE of TOWN! Yeah, that's pretty cool that Smack Jeeves is gettin bigger. I really would like to spend as less money as I possibly could, but hey hard times is hard times. A Smack Jeeves merch store would be really cool, and maybe if you added a "donate" section, we could raise enough money to adveritse to some big sites...*cough*pennyarcade,bob&george,*cough*
Humphro August 17th, 2005
I vote for ads, because my browser blocks them all :P
ericshiznit August 18th, 2005
Hey! I would definitely support Google ads, or any other ads, Google being my favorite. My second favorite option is the merchandise. I would probably rather order a t-shirt that said "SmackJeeves" on it, than pay a fee to keep my comics here. I would also lend my own art for whatever you would use it on.
Sangokyu August 18th, 2005
Please, no ads! That's why Jeeves is so great, no ads!

I personally would love to see merchandice. Maybe a store with comic designs on it as well! I would pay for premium services as well!
zarinov August 18th, 2005
Hmmm Tshirts and all that stuff are expensive, and making them would take a great big investment.
you need to understand that even a small order is around 36 units and at 10$ a pop your looking at 360$ plus shipping. while selling the shirts for 15 would make the money back i personaly wouldnt have the 400 to shell out to begin with.
ericshiznit August 18th, 2005
Hey! That's why you get your comic's followers to order them along with you.

Edit: Also, why don't you just set up a paypal account for donations? I'm sure you'd roll in the bucks soon enough.
Just_Jeremie August 23rd, 2005
definately merch. stickers. shirts. hats. hoodies. anything. i'd pimp out comics on here if i could.
Comicone August 25th, 2005
Merch/$$$$ It depends on what you get, like a shirt with lots of text would be more than a shirt that has smackjeeves in the corner and the logo next to it. Also you have to take into account the shirt cost(not that much) and if you get them screened or chea p iron on pictures.
aabattery June 27th, 2006
Well, obviously this is a detraction...I'll pass on voting.
Krimsin January 22nd, 2007
Forums, you say? Awesome.