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Fifth T-Shirt Design

August 25th, 2005
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From the Author
Admin August 25th, 2005
Thanks to Dr. Traslar for sending in the Fifth T-Shirt design!

Er... I mean thanks to Eric Northfell (aka Sangokyu)...
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aabattery June 27th, 2006
1. Nothing really to do with SJ, just for the comic itself.
2. Magnifying glss would by no means do that; it would take a lunar eclipse for one thing, and at some point the light rays would reach its peak point and split out again, far before it reached earth. Fail.
ADINSX June 27th, 2006
... Stop taking the comic so seriously. :P
Krimsin January 22nd, 2007
1. It's posted on the admin's page.

2. Well, depending on the angle and shape of the lens, it would refract the light differently.

I believe that's called a double pwn.