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Sixth T-Shirt Design

September 2nd, 2005
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Admin September 2nd, 2005
Thanks to Chad of The Rocks and the Losers for donating this T-Shirt design!

More info @

Just waiting on a few people who said they might be donating their designs, and then the shop will be opened!

Thanks a ton to everyone who contributed! You guys really rock!
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Admin September 2nd, 2005
to Ravenical Well... you could do a black and white, maybe ink it, and then ask someone to color it for you. I'd love a donation from ya.
The Rock and The Losers September 2nd, 2005
Ravenical if you want I could color it for you...
[sees you dash away]
I take that as a no?
nickbaldwin September 2nd, 2005
Pedro-shirt I would love to make a shirt with Pedro on it, although it may not look very good. Maybe "Fun" with two cakes should donate a design. Who wouldn't want to buy a shirt with clip-art cakes on it?
Admin September 2nd, 2005
A Pedro shirt would kick ass!

What would really kick ass if you made a Pedro shirt where it somehow looks like Pedro is trying to steal the shirt he is actually on... I don't know if you could pull that off.
nickbaldwin September 3rd, 2005
You know what, I just might design a shirt, I'll keep that idea of stealing the shirt he's on, cheers....*hurries away in a rush of anticipation for this shirt*
aabattery June 27th, 2006
Sort of good, I guess...but still entirely unrelated.
Krimsin January 22nd, 2007

^^This comic really brings that into question.
plasma_knight303 May 28th, 2014
I'd prefer weapon of choice.