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Seventh T-Shirt Design

September 3rd, 2005
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From the Author
Admin September 3rd, 2005
Thanks a ton to Eric Hayes for sending in this T-Shirt design! You rock!

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Admin September 13th, 2005
Testing Just making sure things are still working after the awesome subdomain update.
Just_Jeremie October 1st, 2005
can we still do stuff like this?
Pulha October 9th, 2005
Get your shiznit offa my nizzle. If you understood that, stay tuned.

Next episode: how to turn the bling bling into the ding dong.

Anyways, cool t-shirts.
angelz_x May 9th, 2006
^_^ i really like that ^_^
aabattery June 27th, 2006
/cringe in embarrasment for author

I think we all know what that means.
Krimsin January 22nd, 2007
TEH shiznit.