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Scrooge McHippy

Date Posted: June 22nd, 2005

Author Notes

Look Familiar? Don't even ask...


? Did you draw the picture that isn't Scrooge? The body? If so that's really good, if not...well, meh
To A&Bizzy Heh, no, that's some box art from GTA: San Andreas. I made this pic for the Photoshop Editing thread in CAD forums.
XD lol, his face and the position his hands are seem to go together... as if he's saying "whaaaat???"
lolwtf? This is odd, yet strangly funny...
LOL Wierd I've never seem anything like this?
im sad hell yeah San Andreas. This guys got a field of pot... er, had a field of pot.
LOL LOL hillarious
LOL AHAHHAHAHA its funny bcuz its true...
... If it's going to be a public comic, then inside jokes are quite pointless. It makes no sense, really...let's hope the following is better.
the truth is always weird!

hmm, why didn't I sound exicted?

oh yeah, I'm tried.

I dunno, well, got a fan
Bah humb-izzle.
@Admin: Give me sandwiches