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Date Posted: October 13th, 2005
Gah! I have no legs!

Author Notes

It's one of the chairs from my school cafeteria. This is probably my second favorite drawing of all time, second of course to the "Actual Artwork" post I made a while ago.

And if your wondering, no the chair is not really as metallic is it looks. Its a dark blue plastic chair, but there was a lot of glare coming on it from the windows.


cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool that really kicks ass dude
Cool stuff.The light in this piece is really nice, but the perspective looks a bit skewered. Still, looks okay.

So you must still be in High School or something to have chairs like these in your school? I'll still probably picture you as an old english butler.
Hahaha, yeah I'm in high school.

But at night I'm an old enligsh butler ;)
Looks very nice. X3
" Hahaha, yeah I'm in high school.

But at night I'm an old enligsh butler ;)"

Does that mean that we, the discerning webcomic artists, should hit you about the hindquarters?
Not bad... needs some legs though. :p
Haha yeah, I never got around to that.
art it good but have you heard of deventart or elfwood both are good places to put your art. its use which one you use depends on you and your art but you might look in to them.
Wowsers, at age 18, you're the admin of this site, and you did this amazing drawing too? I guess more youngsters these days are becoming a genius.
Posting this comment on Internet Explorer for testing purposes.

P.S. Thanks Eunice :) very flattering
Well, you definitely have more artistic talent than I'll ever have.
Tee Hee! LOL! yay, it's a chair!!
The "no artistic talent" stuff is false. The humor so far is true, though.
YOU'RE NOT ALONE T;T Oh em gee !! You draw chairs too ??? I've had so many chairs to draw in the last two years T.T not like I had a choice ! YES my friends !! THAT is what artschool is REALLY all about !!
Sooo dead comic
you need to update, man!!
It's actually a pretty cool chair, when drawn... I'll bet it's not fun to sit in though. Good work on the highlights/shadows. They really give it a lot of depth.
I say! That's pretty damn good!

On an unrelated note, I would hide the tee shirt images if I were you, because people could just print out the images on iron-on transfers and iron them on without permission! Or paying!
Pretty abstract, drawing a cafeteria chair. What gave you that motive?
That's really good. ^^
lol I never would have thought of drawing a chair.
Wow, can't believe I'm still getting comments on this.

I had to do stuff for my portfolio for my drawing class in high school, so I drew the nearest thing to me during lunch.
I guess you're a very popular guy, what with being admin of all admins on a comic hosting site, and the fact that this is your comic, which hasn't been updated in about two years...
lol wut grade u is my good sir?
Wow, I had no idea Admin was so young! >.<

I was wondering if you're still doing the t-shirt designs. I might want to make one, if so...
bringin' back the comments in the '08!
This is a very nice chair. Most of mine just look like an L with two legs.
Nice work. Try keeping the strokes consistent, and have them follow the form a bit.

Good job with the shadows. If your line quality followed through a bit more then it would be a really amazing piece.